Continuously educate yourself – make it part of your life long learning

I truly believe in ‘life-long’ learning and practicing what I inherently believe is the right thing to do, when it comes to my client’s health and wellbeing. We must all endeavour to make a conscience effort to educate ourselves, when it comes to ‘practicing what we preach’ all the time.


My gym kit: The pieces of kit I swear by

I have been a part of the fitness industry for over 20 years now, and throughout the years I have always maintained that the ‘right’ trainers for the job, are the most important asset to have in my gym kit.

Healthy food snack of eggs and avocado on toasted bread

What I eat before and after a workout

I firmly believe that one must choose to eat to accommodate their training needs. This will inevitably be individual and based upon that person’s body composition, genetics, training type, energy needs and knowledge of nutrition.

Stay healthy on holiday

Stay healthy on holiday

A recent study has shown that two weeks of inactivity is bad for your health, here is how you can take a break without taking time out from exercise.

5 moves to start your week on a high!

Giving your body the boost of energy it deserves, will help you to plough efficiently and effectively through your weeks ‘to-do’ list. The following 5 exercises will help activate your mind and body to create a nice flow of calming energy for the day and week ahead.

‘Tis the season to run

Marathon season has well and truly started. The roads, parks, and lake trails are full of people training hard for potentially one of the longest races of their lives to date. The famous LONDON Marathon will be held this coming Sunday 23rd April. The long runs are completed and taper training is in full swing …

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