Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft tissues in the body like muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments can be manipulated to help resolve any discomfort from the stress of everyday life or even the over use of your muscles.

In fact many chronic pain issues can also be resolved by soft tissue therapy and it is a proven method that has been in use for many years.sports-massage-therapy-yateley

With such excellent results you can imagine that many people are opting for soft tissue therapy over many other solutions that are available. With a hands on approach it not only relaxes you and feels good but also is a very effective solution for any stress, muscle pain or chronic pain that you may be suffering.

Many opt for just a physiotherapy solution which is a non hands on approach unlike soft tissue therapy. Physiotherapy is now mainly exercise based and although the exercises are normally very good if you don’t treat the soft tissues first you can often find that they will have little or no effect.

If you are looking for soft tissue therapy that works why not get in touch with Lynne today on 07784 147955

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