Personal Training And Music

Does music motivate you? Could music deter you? Is music something that will cause you less success and less concentration if you listen to it whilst training?

Well in my experience as a personal trainer I find that when my clients listen to music whilst doing their personal workout exercises they tend to work out for longer and with more passion.keeping-fit-with-music

I have always asked myself why and did a little bit of digging and found this now I honestly believe that this is correct.

Pain is reduced by listening to music, we can workout for longer or increase our physical output and all because music acts as a mental distraction to what we are doing as scientist Tom Fritz explains.

61 athletes were tested and 53 of them agreed that their perceived was lower whilst they were listening to music.

Interesting isn’t it but still not completely guaranteed as there were a few things that were questioned in the article as you will see.

To me if you are thinking of listening to music whilst you workout I would go for it and lets hope that you also have a great personal trainer to also help motivate you. If not you can always give me a ring on 07784 147955 to find out how I could help you.

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