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PF Blog - reflexology for menopause

How can reflexology help with menopause?

Being a woman myself and seeing many of my friends experiencing the changes of menopause, we at Purple Freesia understand that this is a time for regeneration and transformation.

Foot massage

How to provide a foot massage to a partner while self-isolating

Providing a foot massage to a partner during this time of self-isolation could really help aid relaxation. It is time to introduce ‘self-care’ practices and will also allow you both to spend quality time together without any other distractions.

Benefits of foot massage

The benefits of foot massage

No one takes time to care for their feet on a regular basis, let along gives themselves a foot massage. Those who spend no time on their feet, for health, are really missing a trick. It is time to introduce ‘self-care’ practices as we go into a time of self-isolating and social distancing.

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