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PF - sports massage for common injuries

Sports massage for common injuries and conditions 

In my world as an Integrated Therapist, I use Sports and Remedial massage techniques daily to aid in the relief of several common injuries and conditions. There are many injuries that Sports Massage can help with. Such as sprains, strains and muscle tears, to name a few.

reflexology and pregnancy

Reflexology and Pregnancy

I chose to become a Reflexologist to help others and to treat certain health issues. Pregnancy comes with its discomforts however, I work on combining different systems and zones of the body, to help with these common pregnancy-related discomforts. These can include nausea, sciatica, heartburn, back pain and swollen feet.

Man lower back

5 ways to protect your lower back

The entire biomechanics of the lower back are important and need to be kept stable. Did you know that by spending time strengthening your core muscles you can alleviate back discomfort and pain?

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