Reflexology and Pregnancy

I chose to become a Reflexologist to help others and to treat certain health issues. Pregnancy comes with its discomforts however, I work on combining different systems and zones of the body, to help with these common pregnancy-related discomforts. These can include nausea, sciatica, heartburn, back pain and swollen feet.

I am proud that I specialise in pregnancy reflexology and massage (only after 13 weeks of conception). During this stage of pregnancy, I aim to help the mother to be more comfortable. I use reflexology techniques to help to relieve back, neck, shoulder tension and overall body pain.

What Reflexology sessions would you recommend during the various stages of pregnancy?

I would highly recommend the following:

13 weeks – 28 weeks, Monthly reflexology sessions

28 weeks – 36 weeks, Fortnightly reflexology sessions

36 weeks – 40 weeks, Weekly reflexology sessions

Can reflexology be beneficial during pregnancy?

Reflexology in pregnancy is completely safe, natural and non-invasive, and a great way to restore and maintain ‘balance’ within your body. Reflexology is a great holistic treatment to use during pregnancy when you wish to restore a sense of equilibrium, encourage good sleep, to soothe aches and pains and to re-align pregnancy imbalanced hormones. Reflexology can be so beneficial during this exciting stage of your life.

I have experienced a mother’s excitement when feeling their baby’s active response to a session with me. I find myself in complete awe, and I often marvel at such a sight, as it truly is a beautiful moment to share with another on their journey.

Sessions with me on a regular basis during pregnancy can provide valuable mental, physical and emotional support. Having worked with hundreds of Mum’s to be, I can confidently state the following ways, in which I have been able to help them using pregnancy reflexology:

  • Aid with feelings of exhaustion
  • To relieve aching muscles
  • To improve sleep patterns
  • To relieve constipation and bloating
  • To prepare for and help to bring on labour

Can Reflexology help you to prepare for labour?

Reflexology is profoundly relaxing and will leave both the body and mind, calm and balanced. I would highly recommend regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy. A planned reflexology treatment, after 38 weeks can incorporate specific reflex points to help prepare the body for labour.

By activating certain points on and around the feet, my intention is to balance certain hormones, increase circulation and to boost the immune system; during both pregnancy and in preparation for labour. Reflexology can be used as a great aid to mentally and physically prepare mind, body and soul for labour. It will help you to relieve symptoms of fatigue, increase energy levels, and in some cases, it can bring about labour.

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