Due to a work injury from several years ago, my back spasms from time to time and that’s me out of the game for a few days. Over the years, I have seen many doctors, physios, consultants and specialists. Nothing and nobody has been able to prevent the pain. I met Lynne at the Henley Swim Festival and within a 15-minute session she told me where the problems were and what kind of specialist I needed to seek when I returned home to Yorkshire. Also, she was able to alleviate my present pain and when I got up and started walking around again, my pain and stiffness dissipated. 


“I visited Lynne with a number of problems yesterday, she took her time to help me and I already feel loads better! I was sent home with exercises to help my body’s rehabilitation, too. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone with a physical ache or pain!”


“I’ve had both massage and reflexology from Lynne. She is a truly lovely and kind therapist. Lynne really helped with my neck and shoulder problems and the reflexology has helped with insomnia and I can thoroughly recommend her.”

Louise, Fleet

“My daughter had some fantastic treatment from Lynne for a nervous tic. This improved drastically and she is able to now control this following the sessions she had with Lynne.”


“I met Lynne about 5 years ago when I hired her as my personal trainer. Lynne showed me various different exercises, created my own exercise programs and helped me with nutritional information. She gave me the encouragement and extra push I needed, and I saw swift results. Lynne is very knowledgable, professional, very patient and FUN!! She started as my personal trainer but we became, and still are good friends.”


“I had my first session with Lynne today and I was really impressed with her knowledge. She really knows her stuff and was able to really help my back and neck. Feeling amazing after my session with her and I’ll definitely be using her again and would thoroughly recommend her.”


“Wow literally just wow! I’m amazed at what Lynne has done for me and her skills to ‘fix’ me, her knowledge is absolutely wonderful. Kind, honest, reassuring and genuine. Thank you so much!”


When diagnosed with unexplained infertility, Lynne provided me with an alternative approach to fertility treatment. She was able to provide reflexology to help relieve painful & heavy menstruation and also worked on regulating ovulation.”


Lynne has been absolutely amazing. I was struggling to get the weight off and before I met Lynne I had only lost 1st in 4 months. I met her in her HIIT class at Yateley’s gym. Even though she was fully booked she still took me on as a client as I was getting married in 12 weeks. She sat down with me and wrote up a proper diet plan suited to my metabolic type and gave me set workout plans suited to what areas I wanted to change the most. I always felt that if I needed the support she was always on the other end of the phone ready to help. In the two months of following Lynne‘s plans I had lost almost 2st and not only did I feel happy about how I looked on my wedding day but I also gained a friend.”


Lynne is a shining light in the rehab and therapeutic world. Her knowledge is second to none and she will keep going and keep going until she finds the solution! She listens to you, assimilates what you have said and asks lots of questions so that she can fully understand. Her tenacity is outstanding and I can assure you that she will not give up until she has found the solution and then helped you to overcome the issue. Can’t recommend her enough.”