What a fantastic & empowering experience being trained by Lynne. I have learnt that I am a strong woman and can push my body further. She has taught me to not just focus on the main muscles which I thought exercise was initially all about but all the other muscles connected in order to get the best result. She has given me bundles of tips to activate different muscles & with her training plan I have seen an incredible difference in my form and physique now. I am a runner & love the thought of increasing my pace. Lynne has given me so much advise and help to reduce my average pace per mile by over a minute…in just 2 months. After discussing nutrition I learnt a lot about how my body responds to food, this advise I will use forever.  I’ve learnt to ditch the scales (which I was getting obsessed with) and to allow myself rest days (which again I was obsessed with to the point that I was exercising 7 days a week which was making me exhausted and getting me down). My mindset was that I had to exercise and exercise hard everyday in order to lose weight and tone up. I now have a much more healthier view on exercise and enjoy it so much more! In order to see my results I didn’t weight myself – I simply relied on clothes and how they felt. I have recently had to redesign my wardrobe – what a shame!!!! Due to the fact all my clothes became tent like on me and I felt frumpy. I have easily lost a dress size and a half in just three months! All the advise and training plans Lynne has giving me I will continue to commit to every now and then to keep up my muscle memory and happy tummy. I am now proud to say I am very happy with my physique and feel a confident & strong woman! Forever Grateful.

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