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60 minute treatment ~ £90.00

My integrated therapy treatment combines the best treatments I offer and that I believe will suit you as an individual to aid your symptoms. The 60 minute treatment will provide a solution to a magnitude of problems such as: headaches and migraines, muscle tension throughout the body, insomnia, anxiety/depression, high blood pressure, heart problems and many more. 

I want to provide my clients with an understanding of their whole being rather than just part that is causing the problem or pain. The body is a vital force and it protects us from disease and allows us to heal, if we treat it correctly.  

By taking a holistic approach to your lifestyle, we will find ways to help you to improve across everything. It is important for us all to take time out from our busy lifestyles so that we can relax and re-energise. My integrated therapy treatment is a great way to alleviate the everyday stresses that you may find yourself in.

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