stress and burnout

How to recognise the signs of burnout and get better

Let us start by what is meant by burnout. Prolonged periods of stress can add up, over time, to cause you exhaustion on either an emotional, physical or mental level. Sometimes life just becomes too much and you can begin to feel completely drained, finding it difficult to keep on top of things which were once routine and easy to complete.

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man on top of mountain

5 ways to stop worrying so much

Worrying is such a futile exercise and yet we continue to do it, at each and every opportunity. Instead of focusing on ‘why’ we do it, because we are living in a society whereby we are conditioned to want bigger and better, I’d like you to focus on ways to stop the worrying. Here are the top 5 ways that I help myself to alleviate the worry in my life:

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woman sleeping

Best Herbal remedies to aid sleep

Sometimes in this fast paced world, we opt for the ‘quick fix’, when our body spirals out of balance. We immediately call to make an appointment to see the G.P, when our sleep goes out the window or we don’t know what is causing our symptoms. We are innately programmed to do so.

What if I were to educate you to think a different way. To choose to stay away from synthetic medicine and stimulants, and to try some natural sleep aids instead.

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