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Does reflexology really work and how?  

More and more people have heard about reflexology these days but many of you may be wondering does reflexology work. Reflexology can certainly help to relax the individual and relieve stress.

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Guide to relaxation and a life of no stress

Take a step back to a time when you were living carefree, no stress, no real burdens, pressures or responsibilities in life…..I bet you will automatically imagine yourself as a child again, playing with friends. Maybe you see this as a distant memory or a thing of the past that cannot be achieved again.

How to keep your sanity at work

Did you know? 1 in 3 UK employees consider quitting their job regularly. Everyone encounters some form of stress at work, this is inevitable. However, it is how we recognise and deal with the levels of stress that determines the level of sanity we are able to sustain.

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5 ways to stop worrying so much

Worrying is such a futile exercise and yet we continue to do it, at each and every opportunity. Instead of focusing on ‘why’ we do it, because we are living in a society whereby we are conditioned to want bigger and better, I’d like you to focus on ways to stop the worrying. Here are …

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What is Reiki and how could it help you?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese method of ‘healing’. It is a natural and complementary therapy that gently rebalances life energies, balancing body and mind, which in turn helps to improve one’s health and wellbeing.

Tips and Techniques for improved sleep

Sleep is so important and often the one thing that people don’t give time to. When you lack sleep everything in your daily life is affected. Here’s my tips for getting a better night’s sleep…

How to keep motivated for the rest of the year

January is the month for feeling ‘miserable’. Its cold, wet, light levels are diminished upon ‘kick out’ from work, and all you want to do is hibernate. Even those people around you who you view as ‘hard workers’ retreat into a hibernation.

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