why massage aids relaxation

Why does massage aid relaxation?

I am often asked by my clients why massage aids relaxation. I help my clients to become ‘pain-free’ and more body functional using sports and remedial massage. At times I will combine this type of massage with reflexology to promote relaxation within a client’s body.

mindfulness for beginners

Mindfulness For Beginners

From an early age, I can remember my mother teaching me to always, as best I can live in the ‘present’ moment, not the past nor the future. This is not easy I know and I have suffered a lot from living in the past post my mothers’ passing to cancer at age eighteen. Living …

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Guided meditation on beach

Guided relaxation through meditation

Did you know that different moments in your daily life will evoke different emotions? Sometimes this can become so overwhelming, that you can find yourself at a loss as to what to do. This is where guided meditation can really help. Especially when you find yourself in a whirlwind vortex of spinning thoughts. This combined …

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Benefits of foot massage

The benefits of foot massage

No one takes time to care for their feet on a regular basis, let along gives themselves a foot massage. Those who spend no time on their feet, for health, are really missing a trick. It is time to introduce ‘self-care’ practices as we go into a time of self-isolating and social distancing.

women relaxing with no stress

Guide to relaxation and a life of no stress

Take a step back to a time when you were living carefree, no stress, no real burdens, pressures or responsibilities in life…..I bet you will automatically imagine yourself as a child again, playing with friends. Maybe you see this as a distant memory or a thing of the past that cannot be achieved again.

Woman's feet surrounded by stones - reflexology

Conditions treated by reflexology

Reflexology can be used to promote wellness in other parts of the body. The foot has many ‘reflex’ points that directly relate to organs and other structures of the body.

re-focus and re-energise

How to re-focus and re-energise today

Do you struggle to re-focus and re-energise? I find that every day is different when it comes to my level of concentration and the distractions around me.

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