Bad day into a bad week

How to stop a bad day turning into a bad week

We all go through times in life when it just seems like the whole world is against us. My question to you is this: “How do we get to feeling this way? And how can we prevent it?”

Do affirmations really work?

I believe that if you set yourself a goal and make up affirmations to run alongside it, you will achieve what you have set out to do!

How to deal with toxic friends

Friendships can be made in the most unlikely of places. Sometimes what you are first attracted to, may not always be the real person. Unfortunately when you create friendships with people, you may sometimes get “stuck” with toxic friends.


How to prioritise self-care and happiness

Here at Purple Freesia a core value of ours is ‘self-care’, and keeping it ‘balanced’. Self-care consists of your Physical, Mental, Emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

How to boost your confidence in 5 easy steps

Confidence is a choice, as is believing in yourself. If you are not prepared to believe in yourself, then why would anyone else? How can you expect them to, if you are not your number one fan to begin with?

Tips for staying positive

Positivity is a choice. It is about choosing to see all the good in life and having hope that things WILL get better.

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