5 ways to improve your mental health at work

Levels of stress and anxiety in the workplace are forever increasing and unless we as individuals learn the triggers and coping mechanisms to reduce this, we will be reaching burnout before it’s too late. Today I discuss five tips to enable you to try and improve your mental health within the workplace.


My top 5 snacks to satisfy hunger

Snacks are an essential part of my daily routine. I personally need them to combat the hunger taking over, especially during the sugar slump between 3-4pm. Certain snacks are easy to make and quick to hand.

Healthy food snack of eggs and avocado on toasted bread

What I eat before and after a workout

I firmly believe that one must choose to eat to accommodate their training needs. This will inevitably be individual and based upon that person’s body composition, genetics, training type, energy needs and knowledge of nutrition.

Tips for staying positive

Positivity is a choice. It is about choosing to see all the good in life and having hope that things WILL get better.

Why you crave certain foods

Ever wondered why you may crave certain foods? Well today I will explain what each craving could mean for you…

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