How to avoid feeling blue on blue Monday

blue sky on blue Monday

Now it really is a test of mindset, as to how you view this so-called ‘Blue Monday’. The way you perceive life will ultimately have a knock-on effect on how you feel about ‘Blue Monday’. Is there really such a thing? Or is it simply a social media ploy to get people interacting and engaging in a ‘negative’ way to form a community of ‘glass half empty’ people?

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How a holiday with a friend is good for the mind and soul

Holiday in Turkey

I cannot press upon you enough, the need for a good mind and soul connection. How you think about yourself and your surroundings is ultimately how you will view your external world. If you are enjoying your life, your mind will be in a positive happy state and it will fill your soul with playful, joyous feelings and you will be a beacon, radiating light wherever you go! The opposite can also be true. If you think negative, useless and irrational thoughts, you will become closed down, hopeless and your soul may become dampened and heavy with fear.

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Teach your mind to help you achieve your goals

We all have to start somewhere with our goals, and this is usually as a seed, an idea. I personally tend to start the process by thinking about what I wish to achieve and then working back, to break it down into smaller incremental steps. The power of the mind is such that you can use its positivity to easily turn an idea, a goal, into fruition. I consciously train my mind for success, and I am forever reading on the matter to find the new trend/idea to do just this.

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