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Massage For Injury Prevention

When you suffer an injury your first thoughts, if no broken bones, may well lead to ice, rest, compress and elevate the affected area. People have for ages seen massage therapy as an effective means to assist the recovery of some kind of injury.

PF Blog - mental health

How can massage help my mental health? 

On a personal note, I can honestly vouch for massage alleviating the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Both of which are very common mental health issues in todays’ rat race society!

why massage aids relaxation

Why does massage aid relaxation?

I am often asked by my clients why massage aids relaxation. I help my clients to become ‘pain-free’ and more body functional using sports and remedial massage. At times I will combine this type of massage with reflexology to promote relaxation within a client’s body.

Tennis balls and sciatica

How Can A Tennis Ball Help Sciatica?

Did you know that a tennis ball can be an affordable, invaluable tool for releasing many aches and pains? I have already blogged on this last week and today I will discuss how a tennis ball can be used to relieve sciatica.

Foot massage

How to provide a foot massage to a partner while self-isolating

Providing a foot massage to a partner during this time of self-isolation could really help aid relaxation. It is time to introduce ‘self-care’ practices and will also allow you both to spend quality time together without any other distractions.

deep tissue sports massage

The benefits of deep tissue sports massage

Deep tissue sports massage is crucial to ‘rebalancing’ and making ones’ body functional again. It was developed to help with any musculoskeletal issues, sports injuries, and strains. Over the last ten years, I have found that I use this type of massage the most with clients that visit my clinic.

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