coping mechanisms

5 ways to feel less irritable

I know when I am agitated as I begin to feel uncomfortable within my surroundings. It takes a lot for me to get upset, as my tolerance levels are rather high. However, another sign that I am agitated is when I become easily upset or frustrated by another individual, by what they say or do.

adult anxiety

Anxiety…how therapy can help

Most people will experience anxiety sometime in their life due to modern day living. Today I discuss what it is, presenting symptoms of anxiety and how Purple Freesia Integrated Therapies can help you on your road to recovery.

Declutter your mind

How to declutter your mind

When your mind is in overdrive, racing at a hundred miles an hour, with lots of ‘to-dos’ rattling around your brain. Where do you begin?

5 ways to improve your mental health at work

Levels of stress and anxiety in the workplace are forever increasing and unless we as individuals learn the triggers and coping mechanisms to reduce this, we will be reaching burnout before it’s too late. Today I discuss five tips to enable you to try and improve your mental health within the workplace.

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