women relaxing with no stress

Guide to relaxation and a life of no stress

Take a step back to a time when you were living carefree, no stress, no real burdens, pressures or responsibilities in life…..I bet you will automatically imagine yourself as a child again, playing with friends. Maybe you see this as a distant memory or a thing of the past that cannot be achieved again.

bring outdoors inside

Whatever the season – bring the outdoors inside

At times it can be difficult to make time for yourself and nature. It is not always easy to take time out of your working day for some well needed soul reviving fresh air. But, perhaps you can bring the outdoors to you?

Your healing touch – 5 practices to try yourself

We all have the capacity to call on God’s divine power to help heal with Healing Touch. It is used by individuals who wish to enhance wellness within themselves and has been both studied and documented for years. Is it your time to try your Healing Touch?

What is Reiki and how could it help you?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese method of ‘healing’. It is a natural and complementary therapy that gently rebalances life energies, balancing body and mind, which in turn helps to improve one’s health and wellbeing.

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