How to keep motivated for the rest of the year

January is the month for feeling ‘miserable’. Its cold, wet, light levels are diminished upon ‘kick out’ from work, and all you want to do is hibernate. Even those people around you who you view as ‘hard workers’ retreat into a hibernation.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft tissues in the body like muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments can be manipulated to help resolve any discomfort from the stress of everyday life or even the over use of your muscles.

Finding Time To Keep Fit

Most people live very busy lives and in today’s society it is fast paced with many people resorting to the quick and easy ways or even cutting corners by using machines, toner belts etc.

Personal Training And Music

Does music motivate you? Could music deter you? Is music something that will cause you less success and less concentration if you listen to it whilst training?

Sports Massage Does It Work

You have been out on a run and somehow pulled a calf muscle, tendon or maybe even trapped a nerve but you are literally days away from an event and you need help so that you can still participate in your sports event.

You and Your Health

Did you know that obesity and bad living habits are now something that the media pick on everyday?

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