5 questions I regularly get asked by my clients

I am an integrated therapist with many years of experience under my belt. Overtime, I have been asked many weird, wonderful and unusual questions, regarding my line of work and how I feel about certain aspects of it. Some are so commonly asked, that I have been able to recollect them and have put them down on paper for you to read.

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how to spot loneliness in others

Loneliness – How to spot the signs in others

In the UK today, we all live life in the fast lane. All of us are easily consumed by our perception of what life ‘should be’ and so we become oblivious to our lives plan and purpose. It becomes so tough at the top, that it is difficult to see the nose at the end of your face, let alone someone else’s loneliness and their lack of lust for life.

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5 ways to improve your mental health at work

Levels of stress and anxiety in the workplace are forever increasing and unless we as individuals learn the triggers and coping mechanisms to reduce this, we will be reaching burnout before it’s too late. Today I discuss five tips to enable you to try and improve your mental health within the workplace.

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How to make your life more adventurous

Often when we find time to self-reflect or drift off into our own little world, we may find ourselves questioning if we are happy with our life. Are we living a groundhog day or are we happy that we are living life to the fullest each day? Today I discuss how you can make your life more adventurous with some easy tweaks…

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British Summer – Make the best of it

Our weather is so unpredictable but right now we are in the middle of a heatwave! Gone are the days of experiencing four distinct seasons in the United Kingdom. Spring now consists of heatwaves and heavy down pours of rain and our summer is always hit and miss when it comes to the long hot summer days. Even if we have rainstorms or multi-coloured skies, you do not need to let that stop you from enjoying the great British summer. Just get your outdoor exposure and ensure that it is fun!

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