Christmas bags of gifts

How to avoid falling into the trap of Christmas financial stress

Do you find yourself enjoying the summer months and then the autumn sets in and you start to panic. You begin to see Christmas cards and gifts in shops far too early and the pressure to ‘buy’ gifts for others starts to ‘kick in’. It is important to have your finances in order in the lead up to December, so not to add to this already super-stressful time of year.

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Purple Freesia Massage

Massage – my complete guide

Did you know that your body is great at telling you what it needs, you only need to listen. It will even let you know when it needs a massage. Your body will indicate when it is tired, weary and full of tension but it cannot tell you what type of massage would be best.

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Social anxiety networking

How to network when you have social anxiety

Anxiety can be so debilitating. Those who have never suffered or endured the effects of anxiety will find it really hard to sympathise with those who do suffer. The symptoms can present and express themselves to varying degrees within each individual.

Some social anxiety is seen as normal and sometimes even helpful. For many though, social anxiety is an overwhelming fear of social situations, which commonly starts in teenage years.

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