Massage for runners

Many people start running in an attempt to get fit ‘quick’, and usually as a New Years’ resolution of some sort. Well what most forget to do, is to consider their bodies biomechanics.

Most people have no clue if their feet turn inwards (pronate) or if they lock out their knees (hyperflex). These biomechanical flaws can lead to ‘pain’ occurring when they start to run, and when they decide to up the distance of each run.

How can I help my body if I am a runner?

Seriously consider some sort of deep tissue or sports and remedial massage, to keep your body physically ‘balanced’. You may not have any niggles, at present, or feel any ‘pain’ when you start to take up running but you may not be built biomechanically for this sport. You would not know either way. Most, only find out when they start to experience some pain following runs.

How often do I need to book a massage to benefit me?

If you are an avid ‘leisure’ runner then I suggest once every three months, for an MOT. This is subject to your body already being ‘balanced’. If you run frequently, a massage every four to six weeks would help to keep you ‘injury free’ and your body in tip-top condition. However, if you are training for an event then I would highly recommend every three to four weeks for a ‘maintenance’ massage. This will ensure you remain injury-free

Any further information?

If you choose to run for sport and events, then you may be interested in reading a previous blog that I have written ‘Tis the season to run’. You can find this here.

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