How to avoid feeling blue on blue Monday

Now it really is a test of mindset, as to how you view this so-called ‘Blue Monday’. The way you perceive life will ultimately have a knock-on effect on how you feel about ‘Blue Monday’. Is there really such a thing? Or is it simply a social media ploy to get people interacting and engaging in a ‘negative’ way to form a community of ‘glass half empty’ people?

These are the questions I asked myself when I was recently asked by a client of mine, “Lynne how will you cope on the bluest Monday of the year, especially since you spent the last three weeks in Bali in the sunshine?” Well in my mind the answer was simple, and with complete ease, I said: “I am a glass half full kind of woman, ever the optimist, so I would never think to let the idea of a ‘blue’ kind of day affect me”.

Now, dear reader, I have not always found it simple to be so ‘balanced’ or to stay removed from the pressures and external factors of friend’s thoughts and social media hype. It has taken me time and a lot of work on myself. To learn to love, cherish and value who I am, did not come overnight I can assure you! But if I can do it you can!

Everyone has an opinion, and that is okay. However, on a daily basis, I see all opinions, wanted or not, get shared on social media and forced upon others. Make a decision today to see how you feel about the so-called ‘Blue Monday’. Do you have to succumb to believing that it will be such a ‘blue’ day or can you turn that mental frown upside down and look at Blue Monday with awe and wonder, at all the possibilities it may send your way!?

If you want to change your perception and you do not know how to, or where to start, then contact me for a 2020 Life coaching session? Let us work together to change that ‘Blue Monday’ mindset to every Monday being a joyous experience. Not one anticipated with dread and despair! I am here to help you, to help yourself.

Take the leap of faith and jump in with both feet on a session with me.

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