Why reflexology in schools is important

Reflexology is an amazing tool for ‘self-healing’ but very much understated, I believe, in todays’ modern ‘social media’ society. It can help one both physically and mentally, to overcome any ailment. It is such a powerful tool and I’d love to see it used by all adults. Parents could use this to help young people within all communities of the UK.

Living in a such a fast-paced society with the continual use of social media, via phones, laptops and tablets, there has been a detrimental effect on the mental health of the youth.

I feel we must try and make changes because in the years to come, we will only be bombarded with the increased use of technology. We are also lacking ‘family meal times’, that were once filled with only undivided attention conversations. In the future people will sit looking at their screens continuously, ignoring their surroundings choosing to scroll instead. Locked into a world of cyber, I truly believe that the power of ‘human touch’ will be our only saving grace.

My mission

My mission is simple and aims to be highly effective. I am going to implement a strategy of healing Reflexology, within schools and communities, to help the present-day youth and the generations of youth in years to come! I have spent the last few years piloting a study within an ‘alternative provision’ called Harmony in Maidenhead. It has proved to be highly successful. Initially I gave the students Reflexology one to one, and with time and trust I then worked with the boys and girls of Harmony in a group capacity. I asked them their ailments, explained what points on their feet would help, and then showed them how to work individually and on others feet to alleviate the symptoms. The feedback the children gave was so positive. They went home and shared with other members of their family and some children even practiced on their parent(s) feet to help their symptoms of anxiety and depression. How wonderful to learn, share and to pass on such healing unconditional love.

Ultimately, I am setting up seminars for adults, and parents, to come and learn how to help their young and the youth whose paths they cross with the use of Reflexology. It is so important that this pilot is implemented into all schools, across the United Kingdom, especially now that the Governments introduced the ‘wellbeing initiative’ into all curriculums. I have helped to set up a wellbeing clinic for both staff and students at Heathfield school in Ascot. I aim to continue to grow these clinics and to set up ‘hands on’ seminars at Heathfield Schoolfor parents to attend, in the coming months, to learn how they can help their children to keep ‘balanced’, grounded and mentally well in such a busy world.

If you would be interested in hosting such seminars within your school, or would like to know more of what I offer and why Reflexology in schools is important, then please contact me directly for further information: lynne@purplefreesia.co.uk

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