Why working for yourself can make you feel lonely

It is a simple as this, I work by myself day in and out to build my own business. Being able to work from home gives me the opportunity to control my working day and to be my own boss.

Some days, with the planned absence of interruption, I can work for hours with unbroken focus and concentration. The positive to working alone is that I am my own boss, I can choose my own hours to help others and I can be as productive as I choose to be. 

If I am not physically with clients, I am writing blogs, researching for LinkedIn articles and preparing client files for the week ahead. The not so positive aspect to working for myself is that I may, at times, have long periods of being alone which can lead to feelings of isolation and retreating from social meetings, without the realisation that I had become withdrawn. 

I love to work my own business but perhaps working solo is not for you. It will not suit everyone and there is a time when one may have to accept that being your own boss may best suit only those who are truly content and happy in their own company. Had I set my own business up ten years ago, I would have failed simply on the basis that I didn’t like being in my own company.

Over the last year, I have been working on making sure I continue to be in tip-top mental shape, whilst being a lone worker. I feel it is important to focus on what you do have and to try and prevent bad things happening by meditating and surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded people and most importantly the ‘right’ people. In this I mean those who lift you up and not those who drain and drag you down. I have always believed in trying to achieve a ‘balance’ in ones life. I personally believe and have experienced that it is very hard for me to perform at my best when my emotional and mental health is not well tuned. This is why I feel so strongly about the need to combat loneliness when working alone.  Just by incorporating some of my ideas into your weekly regime, will help you to stay afloat and to combat feeling alone.

How I cope:

  • I create structured working days.
  • I work away from home whenever the opportunity arises. I usually take myself off to a David Lloyd gym to do my admin work and be amongst people.
  • I joined an online group of like-minded people who also work from home.
  • I chose an interactive hobby outside of my working hours to keep my socialising time actively consistent.
  • I choose to get outside for at least 20 minutes a day to give my body the vitamin D that it needs.

Choosing a self-care plan that will protect your mental and emotional wellbeing is very important. I would highly recommend it being near the top of your list of things to do when setting up your own business.

Being your own boss allows you to shape your own working environment and can be very satisfying and fulfilling. You get to, hopefully, set up a business you are passionate about. Every working day is a positive, because you chose to and want to do this kind of work. The down side to this is the fear of loneliness, which is understandable and a concern for your mental wellbeing. Try the tips above and share your own thoughts with me. Do you work alone? If so, how do you cope?

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