What is this ‘lymph’ all about?

Ever wondered what lymph massage is and if it could be good for you? Well lymphatic drainage massage uses repetitive light strokes to activate the lymphatic system. It is a highly specialised massage, often referred to as the ‘detox’ massage that can help to keep your immune system in good working order.

The Lymphatic System, what is it?

It is the protection system of the body. It helps to fight and keep disease at bay. Consisting of a complete network of both tissues and organs that are part of the body’s immune system, its job is to aid in the removal of toxins and waste materials from the body. However, its primary function is to transport lymph fluid, containing white blood cells that fight infections, throughout the entire body. The lymph fluid travels in lymphatic vessel and lymph nodes, where the lymph is filtered.

Who would benefit from Lymphatic Massage?

Everyone! It is well documented that a link exists between the detoxification effects of massage and the lymphatic system. Individuals wishing to detox and look after their all-round health and wellbeing will consider this type of massage on a monthly basis. If you are a gym-goer, suffer from aches and pains and at times have swelling (lymphedema), appearing randomly, then lymphatic drainage is the go to treatment for you! It will help dissipate any swelling and help your body to ‘detox’ naturally.

What happens during a lymphatic massage session?

It is a massage like no other. It really does not involve fast or deep strokes, but rather the light application of pressure, which can be very surprising to the recipient at first. Hardly any pressure is needed; pushing too hard collapses the initial lymphatic movement. Rhythm, the sequence and direction of strokes account for the overall success of this type of massage. The objective is to simply push the lymph towards the correct nodes, rather than away from them, to ensure an effective treatment.

Can it be detoxing? 

Most people assume that they can only ‘detox’ their bodies by focusing on an improvement or ‘radical’ change in their daily diet. The good news is that having a regular massage, within your monthly routine, is proven to help towards a full body detox.

  • Increase ones energy levels.
  • Can help to combat anxiety and elevate ones mood.
  • It can aid the filtration system of the body.

Who would lymphatic drainage be good for?

Several cancer patients embark on lymphatic massage to aid in the removal of excess lymph, following any lymph nodes being removed. This type of massage can help to decrease any swelling that may of occurred due to the removal of a node, and to relieve any discomfort to the sufferer.

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