How to make your life more adventurous

Often when we find time to self-reflect or drift off into our own little world, we may find ourselves questioning if we are happy with our life. Are we living a groundhog day or are we happy that we are living life to the fullest each day? Today I discuss how you can make your life more adventurous with some easy tweaks…


Do you ever get those days where you feel as if your life is not right? That maybe there is something wrong with you? Your relationship? Your job? I will put it to you, that perhaps it is none of those things directly, and that you have simply become bored.

Personal experience

I have been there, I really have. My life became so routine, that it was a chore to do! I started to question my existence and all that I had built up around me. My life was stagnant and I felt unfulfilled. This was not the fault of others; just how I had become to feel in the situations I had placed myself in. Boredom had become my catalyst for change and I knew I needed to become more adventurous! I viewed it positively and never as a failing. I knew I had to reflect on my own life situations and to be bold to make the much-needed changes. It was never an easy time, but worth it in the end!

I have had to learn, through my own experiences, that boredom can create a better life for you. It is the essence, the ‘spark’, to bring about much needed change. For instance, I could have decided to settle for a ‘mundane’ life, and to accept that boring was in fact the ‘norm’. However, this did not sit well with my soul. Deep in my heart, I knew that to ‘accept’ such a life, would be the same as destroying my own soul (the uniqueness that God had blessed me with), and in turn giving up on many others who could have been inspired by my gifts of God. I chose not to give up on my wants, hopes and dreams!

Signs of a passionless life

You may feel trapped in your life and very bored by your daily grind. A lack of being adventurous in your life is a clear signal of change to come. It is time to change the boring existence and map out a future full of creativity and a new zest for life.

If you have ever suffered anxiety, then like myself, you will feel a bad person to want to change your circumstances. You may also feel that you will be letting others down. This is not true! You will be letting yourself down to stay in such a cycle of complete passionless boredom.

Simple steps to adventure

  1. Get active – You are far lazier now then you ever were growing up! Gone are the days when you couldn’t concentrate for more than 5 minutes and you were always looking for the next adventure. As a grown up, you have deadlines and meetings and for whatever the reason a larger proportion of time sitting! However, the key to happiness is mobility. Being mobile, creates energy, which in turn leads to you being more vivacious and therefore passionate. Motion in turn creates emotion. Once in full swing, BEING MORE ACTIVE, you will notice that you naturally start to inject energy into your words, eluding both energy and enthusiasm – pure passion and drive is on its way back and all from being more ACTIVE. Start today – MOVE!
  2. Project enthusiasm – Into everything that you do on a daily basis, however mundane it may feel. Radiate ‘life’, the energy flow that we all too often take for granted. Turn the most ‘run of the mill’ routines into an adventure, unpredictable and full of child like fun. Give it a go; try it with a simple thing like hanging out the washing, or a phone call to a friend who you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  3. Break the chains of approval – Break away from your limiting beliefs. Do you ever feel rigid in your thinking and the way you carry out your set goals in life? Being flexible in achieving your goals is the best way to be more adventurous. Rigid planning to achieve goals can be both mind and body numbing. Goals that we all plan in life have set points. I appreciate this, but the path you take to those goals are best being flexible in approach. It is far too easy to get into a rut, we often only view one way of doing something, and we often find ourselves stuck in ‘one way’ thinking. Leading to repeated patterns of behaviour, and doing the same thing over and over again, often with no improvements.

Being flexible, will create change. You will become more responsible for you, and will be less likely to seek the approval of others around you. When you are busy, you are more likely to be rigid in your thinking. This will lead to a lack of creativity. This may be comfortable, and feel easier as it is actually giving you a sense of security. Rigidity in life, gives no sudden surprises, and definitely no change. When I stay rigid, I can see that I keep others around me happy, I do what others do and I conform to their ‘norm’. I feel a sense of love and approval from them. This is mundane living, and what created some of the boredom in the first place!

BREAK the chains of approval and seek your passion. Let go of rigid plans and be more flexible. Make a new you, a new way of being more flexible and spontaneous. Take an inventory of your life as it stands and start to shake things up – have adventures, do things differently at home, try a new activity that puts you out of your comfort zone. It all starts with your mindset! Trade in the approval of others for living your life to its fullest potential. Work on your own self-beliefs, Do they need examining and changing? Get active again, this will increase your vitality and zest for life – it worked for me.

If after reading this, you felt it resonated with you, and you are struggling with change, I can help. As an integrated therapist, I will use all my knowledge and experience to help you achieve a better you, and a better quality of life; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Please do not hesitate to make contact with me to arrange a ‘life changing strategies consultation’. Together we can unpick your self-beliefs and work out if they are limiting you or enhancing you towards a better future? We will take any boredom we identify, to make the changes needed for a more creative future.

Whatever your life circumstances, you can choose to transform your life into one with more meaning, and swap the mundane for adventure. Let me enable, and equip you with all the tools needed to transform yourself into a more radiant, fulfilled, energetic and accomplished YOU!

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