7 ways to build your stamina

Building stamina is key to a healthy lifestyle and today I discuss how you can do this…

Stamina is simply the ability to maintain prolonged efforts, either physically or mentally.

Why build it?

In your quest for having a healthier lifestyle, it is important to work on your stamina as it will lead to many health benefits such as lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, to name a few. Building it up can burn fat and can enhance your sports performance.

How can I build it?

When I am educating my PT clients about this subject, I explain that one really must increase overall strength in order to increase it. This may mean considering changing the old routine for a completely new one, and to push as hard as you can.

I believe there are 7 ways to build stamina, and it would be good to adopt the following to improve it:

  1. Nutrition and Hydration – These two are key to having good stamina and also to improving it.
  2. Incorporate carbohydrates – It would be a great idea to consume some carbs to increase the starch and sugar levels within your body.
  3. Combining strength and cardio workouts – strength training will increase your muscle mass and therefore your metabolism which in turn enhances stamina.
  4. Remain hydrated – This is essential for muscles to work both effectively and efficiently.
  5. Workout regularly – Be regularly involved in physical workouts.
  6. Be sure to stretch regularly
  7. Be patient in your training and rest regularly

Try to ensure that you follow the 7 steps above, not forgetting to include enough ‘quality’ sleep. Sleep is so important for any kind of performance, and especially as an aid to building stamina. It is recommended that adults have 7-9 hours of sleep a night to keep energy levels constant on a daily basis.

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