Key to success – Self Belief and Planning

The key to success is the ability to do anything you would like, with your life and this comes from simply believing in yourself and developing a need to always plan.

I have come to understand over the years, that nothing is ever given to you. You must want to learn the lessons in this life to fully progress. There truly is a plan and purpose for each and every one of us, the key is to be ‘open’, unlock and seek answers.

The Journey

It is a journey to find the path we should be on in life, and it is by no means easy. Whether you know at a young age or not, what you are destined for, you still have to understand that the success of your journey is not an accident – it will take some planning! Unfortunately the children of today seek only ‘instant gratification’ and have an almost ‘inbuilt’ dial of only homing in on what is socially important to them (at any given time).

How you may wonder, will they ever be able to strategically plan for their success when they expect instant results, and usually without the hard graft. The answer is, they will not be able to. Success is not an accident – you plan it!


Self-belief comes in different guises, dependent on who you are, your background, your life experiences (to date) and your perception of the world. For some self-belief has been instilled from an early age by parents and is almost a way of being. Others just go along testing the waters trying to ‘find themselves’, learning along the way who they are and who they want to be. This process of building self-belief requires trusting in your life path and ultimately any decisions made along the way! The unlucky ones, who never had a choice, are those who may have endured a horrendous home life, a poverty stricken up-bringing, abusive parenting at best. The self- belief system of those just mentioned would be almost non-existent. I can write this with upmost clarity having worked extensively alongside those from such backgrounds, to help enhance and modify the way they perceive and believe themselves to be as a person. Here at Purple Freesia, I use my integrated therapies as a holistic approach to ones healing. I take the time to get to know my clients, and to help them to understand themselves and to heal their past hurts and traumas (physical, mental and emotional) in an attempt to rebuild their self-belief and sense of self. It’s a tough journey, but well worth it.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if any of this resonates with you and you feel I am the right person to help you to heal yourself whole again.

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