How to re-focus and re-energise today

Do you struggle to re-focus and re-energise? I find that every day is different when it comes to my level of concentration and the distractions around me.

If I have managed 7-8 hours sleep, the night before, then I am not easily distracted. Most days of late though, I can become easily distracted, and on a regular basis. Yet I still have to work, be productive and give my clients 100 percent of my time and energy. So what do you do when you become distracted and need to re-focus?

What I do to re-focus

To refocus, I first concentrate on my breathing. I think about the inhalation through my nose, the sensation of the air – is it hot or cold? I also do it slowly. I then breathe out via my nose to allow my diaphragm to be used. This type of breathing instantaneously gets you to calm down, therefore allowing quick refocus on a task. If this does not work I then try to change my environment. A change of scenery can really help, if it is viable during your working day. A quick walk around the block, a trip to the park or a coffee with a good friend can do just the trick! Failing this, think about and analyse what is getting in the way and try and set a goal for the next 15 minutes, to help you to re-focus.

What I do to re-energise

When you are tired, it can be really hard to re-energise yourself. Start with the basics. If you can splash your face with cold water, then do so, to try and restore your energy. Next steps, I simply just step outside to get some fresh air and to admire the beauty around me. Give it a go you have nothing to loose! If I have the time and I can get outdoors or to a gym then I will go and have a workout to give myself an endorphin kick to replenish my energy levels. Unfortunately, I am unable to powernap – I wish I could. It is awesome for re-energising the body and after all the Spanish swear by it! Also, powernaps have been scientifically proven to wake up your body when you are lacking in energy.

I would love to hear what you have tried and what has worked well for you, as we are all individuals and not one thing works for us all! Looking forward to your comments.

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