How to boost your confidence in 5 easy steps

Confidence is a choice, as is believing in yourself. If you are not prepared to believe in yourself, then why would anyone else? How can you expect them to, if you are not your number one fan to begin with?

What to do if you are not confident

If you are not naturally a confident person, here are my personal recommendations to help you on your journey to becoming so:

  1. Radiate positivity – stay away from negativity in any shape and form. Don’t listen to the negative voices in your head – always be conscious to question your inner critic. You may actually realise that you are your greatest enemy during the hard times in your life.
  2. Positive body language – Stand tall, be proud of who you are, give good eye contact and be sure to smile! It will make you radiate as an approachable, warm and friendly being.
  3. Imagine the end product – YOU, standing tall, smiling and oozing confidence.Visualise yourself, as you desire to be seen in the world. Affirm to yourself continuously that you are confident, and it will be so. Self-confidence is a skill that can be learnt, and with practice it can be mastered.
  4. Write a list of what you are thankful for in your life and a second list of all the things you have accomplished and feel proud about. Make ‘thankful and proud of’ lists – when life feels overwhelming and you are faced with constant challenges, it becomes difficult to keep ones self-confidence going. I personally find that writing specific lists, during periods like these, allows myself time to sit, reflect and stay positive. This is an invaluable tool and skill to maintaining my own self-confidence, during the many storms of life. Place the lists you have made where you can see them, so that you are easily reminded of what a great person you are and how good your life really is.
  5. Challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone and do one thing every day that scares, for a month. Step out and face your fears head on with the certainty that you can and will achieve anything you choose to put your mind to. In essence, set yourself up to win!

Believe in you, and the rest will follow!

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